IT is a privilege to have you visit our site. Our ministry has been around for quite a few years, ever growing, ever developing.


WE are a part of the Christian Life Education Network. Our Toronto Campus has grown over the past year and now we are excited to announce a new Campus in Scarborough, with classes commencing September 2011. With CLEN, you can:
  • Keep your job while you earn your certificate or degree.
  • Study on your own time.
  • In-Class time is committed to only one weekend per month.
  • Be accredited for your studies.
  • Study full-time or Part-time, as your schedule permits.
  • Become a Distance Education Student.
  • Be part of a strong network.
  • Prepare yourself to fulfill your destined purpose.
This is your opportunity to make Learning a part of Your Lifestyle.

About our School

This is what we offer to you:
  1. Transfer credits from prior learning, life and ministry experiences.
  2. Degrees issued by Christian Life School of Theology (CLST), through an articulation agreement with Christian Life Educators Network (CLEN)
  3. Every class will transform your life and ministry!
  4. Our faculty only teaches their passion.

You can earn your Theology Degree and/or Certificates of Ministry, such as:

  1. Diploma of Theology
  2. Associate of Theology
  3. Bachelor of Theology
  4. Master of Theology
  5. Master of Sacred Studies
  6. Doctor of Theology